A deeply evocative and powerful way
to heal our spirit and restore our body

Bringing you experience and expertise
20 years practicing as an Aromatherapist,
creating course material and
teaching Clinical Aromatherapy to diploma students and at community centres

Aromatherapy made to order

Synergistic pure essential oil blends 10ml $22-30
  • Emotional balancing
  • Oils chosen to harmonize your imbalance
  • Sinus congestion relief
  • Reduces mucus and swelling
  • Energy boost & clarity
  • Clears the mind and invigorates
Popular blends available 60ml $25-35
  • Facial blends – skin nourishing 
  • Breast cancerradiation gel scar prevention
  • Pregnancyreduce stretch marks
  • Episiotomyrepair & reduce discomfort
  • Babiesnappy rash cream 
  • Sporting injuriesbruise cream  
  • Tineafungicidal oil 
  • Eczemareduces redness and scaling