Powerful immune support

Safe, dependable, updated, validated treatment

Dispensing TCM and European herbal medicine, both of which have established efficacy and history of aiding health parameters, including in previous pandemics such as SARS

Preventative naturopathic treatment increases resilience 

Immune support

Prevent & reduce severity and duration of acute illness by modulating the immune system and increasing resistance to infection


75% of our immune system resides in our gut. Improving digestive function improves our innate immune system and normal inflammation control

Stress and fatigue

Our nervous and hormonal systems require vital nutrients and can be rebalanced and supported with herbal medicine

Underlying health conditions

Addressing underlying health issues and increasing optimal functioning modulates our immune system and reduces overall inflammation. Your sense of wellbeing increases and you are better able to respond

Respiratory conditions

Treating asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis or a history of winter bronchitis improves your defense mechanisms and lessens recurrence

Tips to maintain vitality in times of stress and isolation

Restorative sleep 

Take a walk or run in greenery in daylight. Switch off screens or lower brightness setting in evening to increase our melatonin and restore circadian rhythm (body’s internal clock). Melatonin rises at night when it is dark telling our body to sleep as well as having multiple therapeutic roles in COVID


Stay motivated to maintain fitness, release tension and find relief from mental effort and computer work. Take a daily walk/run or tune into online classes

Increase vegetable intake 

A variety of fresh vegetables boost phytonutrients that play a valuable role in normal immune and cardiovascular health. Sprouts are high in available nutrients – use in salads and toppings 

Plant herbs

Common kitchen herbs are easy to grow, high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and stimulate digestion

Adequate protein

Keep your immune system robust with three servings daily. Include whole grains, fresh nuts, seeds and beans and pulses (only if well tolerated) Tahini, nut butters and eggs provide a quick and easy lunch – just add herbs, capsicum and greens

Promote healthy digestion

Focus on nourishing meals to support wellbeing. Try easily prepared slowly cooked one-pot meals made with stock and basic ingredients. Eat evening meal 3 hours before bed

Work and home 

Simplify your environment. Clear your space and bring in fresh air and light daily. Enhance changes of space with aromatherapy to focus your mind for work or to relax and open your heart and spirit.