“Linda Birch is an outstanding health practitioner of remarkable knowledge, experience and dedication. For more than twenty years I have relied on Linda’s expertise to treat health problems that have come up – skin conditions, poor digestion, respiratory infections and low energy. I have followed Linda’s courses of treatment which have cured these problems to my great relief and also surprise at first, when medical advice could offer no adequate remedy. I see Linda regularly for consultations and obtaining health products to help me maintain good health, and I continue to benefit from the powerful and complementary dimensions of her practice. I will always be grateful to Linda for her extraordinary professional skills, wisdom and care.”
Tim O’Connor

“Linda has the ideal personality and presence as a holistic practitioner.”
Adrian Clark

“If this were a potions class at Hogwarts, Linda would be the potions teacher and the best one.”
Joel Richter, age 7

“That is amazing how quickly the homoepathic worked on our cat who hadn’t been pooing.”
Sun Haas

“I always feel better after seeing you.”
Ivana DiVincenzo


“I have been using the moisturizers prepared by hand by Linda Birch for about 8 years now and these products are one of the highlights of my day.  I was referred to Linda as a source of product for my pubescent daughter who had so many skin allergies that even hypoallergenic products sometimes produced a reaction.  We both used her products without problem and the wonderful aroma and beautiful silky textures were a bonus. My daughter is now 18 and thankfully has grown through some of her skin reactions but I am still a devotee.  I do not wear cosmetics but my one feminine indulgence has always been to wear a very expensive French perfume and it always makes me smile that I get as many verbal compliments when I rush from the shower to an appointment, wearing not my Chanel No 5 but my Linda Birch!”
Heather McGillivray

“I first used Linda’s eczema cream on Archie when he developed a strong rash at 5 weeks old, made worse with sorbolene. His flakey skin initially peeled on using Linda’s cream, then came back beautifully, and remained so. During teething his face was irritated and difficult to keep dry due to the dribbling. A small application quickly calmed and cleared the skin. My daughter at 4 weeks had an extensive rash on head, face, neck and chest. This cleared within a week of application. It has a lovely soothing gentle scent too.”
Kerryn Jennings, Carlton North

“I have exclusively used Linda Birch’s facial, body and healing creams since 1998. Her Balancer and Soothing creams are my morning and night creams. I don’t use anything else on my face. She has made special blends that were therapeutic, comforting and kind for friends in hospital and recovering from major surgery and illness. They appreciated Linda’s expertise and products, dedicated to nurturing their wellbeing and assisting their recovery.”
Fiona Saint


“You put your mind into your fingers.”

“I have seen Linda for five sessions for low back pain following shifting furniture. The back pain improved with each session. The greatest relief which I hadn’t expected was that the long-standing nerve pain I have experienced since a hernia operation years ago, which I could only relieve by lying flat on my back has completely gone. I feel glad to be alive and Linda will have me doing high jumps next.”
Alan Wyatt

“I’ve been seeing Linda regularly for 6 years. To ensure longevity in my profession I need to address the impact my job has on my body. Linda effectively treats the considerable muscular discomfort from demanding postural angles and sustained instrument use in my work. She is able to identify and assess where my problem is stemming from. She always hits the spot and the effect is immediate.”
Susan La Rochelle, Registered Dental Hygienist

“Over the last twenty years Linda has looked after me through two pregnancies and many other times when I really needed a wonderful masseur & Naturopath.

I have been to see Linda for a therapeutic massage in all sorts of emotional states, including one when I was seven months pregnant. At special times I have given a massage gift card to family & friends and I cannot think of a lovelier more down-to-earth person than Linda to give the gift of massage.”
Helen Davis

“Suffering from a chronic low back injury for 3 years, I’ve had many types of massages. All of which aggravated my condition. 

Now I have found Linda Birch! In only 2 treatments she has improved not only my low back but has given my entire body a feeling of regeneration. She is most generous in providing any other relevant healing methods such as exercises to work on between treatments.

People with any condition must check out Linda’s treatment. I guarantee you’ll never look back!
Happy Adriana


“After attending a 2 day Aromatherapy workshop with Linda in 1997 my eyes were opened to the natural, holistic way of healing. 12 years on I’m still using Naturopathy and oils as the main means of supporting and improving my health.” 
Tina Gartlan Secondary Art Teacher

“The Workshops Linda presents to our Women’s Group are excellent. Linda covers relevant and useful topics and provides informative and easily understood class notes. The sessions are well structured and she engages the women in helpful discussion. Questions from participants are addressed and good advice given. I can recommend Linda to you. We look forward to arranging another session with Linda next term.”
Ailsa Bowyer: Coordinator Women’s Program, Church of All Nations Community Support. 

“The massage course was an excellent channel through which I was able to relieve my stress. Practicing on each other was brilliant as it cultivated the whole idea of give and take. Linda was an excellent teacher, who always encouraged us to ask questions and was able to give us the reasoning and technique for each massage style.”
Dhanu Narenthiran, student, University of Melbourne